👋 We polished our UI and added Game Development category.

Welcome to the #Programming on Twitch

The main idea of this web app is to keep eye on Twitch streamers that are live streaming their coding experiences.

Easily explore current live channels. No more long lasting process of searching for #programming tags. Just one simple web app!

Difference between our list and list on Twitch:

1. We are showing streamer's main language and partnered status

2. We are also showing stream's Uptime and Quality

3. We are showing real programming streams only (On Twitch you can see streamers playing Games in #programming community, these are not visible on our list)

What are we planning to add in next updates:

1. Implement Profiles, where you will be able to add your favorite live Programmers (You will have the right to choose if Locally or on our Server)

2. Twitch stream integration on our web app

More coming soon...

That's enough for Introduction, let's get started